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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Our story, and what makes us different...

Our rescue indeed takes in adoptable dogs, but our focus for years has been the dogs that need a great deal of time to adjust to a normal life.
You know, those that are abused, chained and not socialized, or feral and afraid of everything.
The dogs that need the most time, but have few opportunities in the rescue world, due to time and money constraints.

We also love working with and helping other rescue organizations. We are avid users and supporters of Pilots and Paws, and offer our assistance to other rescues that need a hand up with difficult transportation issues, website help, and marketing assistance for their dogs.

We want a brighter future for rescue dogs, built on a hand up, not a handout.
With your help, we can give these sweet dogs in our care the time they need to overcome the obstacles they have faced, and get them into loving forever homes that they so richly deserve!

You make a huge difference in the lives of the Bed and Biscuit babies, every time you donate on a post, or sponsor one of them, giving them the extra time they need, and deserve!

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We believe in the old adage:

“If you can’t adopt, foster
If you can’t foster, volunteer
If you can’t volunteer, donate
If you can’t donate, educate
Everyone can do something”

Tina Wilkins

Tina Wilkins ~ President

Tina Wilkins is the founder of Tina's Bed and Biscuit Inc., and has been working with animals since she was a small child. She was raised on a farm in Twin Lakes, Michigan, and grew up caring for animals.  From dogs and cats,  ducks, chickens, rabbits, horses and cows, she grew up learning about their personalities and needs.
In 2004, Tina found herself taking in 27 sled dogs that were about to be homeless. That began the Bed and Biscuit. 
As those original 27 dogs slowly began their individual journey’s to The Rainbow Bridge, leaving an empty space in her heart and in the kennel, Tina decided to help other dogs in the community by offering a safe, loving place to stay while waiting for a family to love them.
That led to her working with several rescues, humane societies and animal shelters, as well as dogs involved in court cases that needed her assistance to keep them alive.

Tina has a natural ability when it comes to working with dogs. She has extensive medical knowledge, as well as behavior skills and training abilities that allow her to work with some of the more difficult dogs, and in time she is able to make them adorable pets, ready for adoption.
As of 2019, all of the original 27 dogs that started the kennel had passed away.
As of 2022, there are four permanent sanctuary dogs (Bella, Winter, Trooper and Tobias); two court-ordered residents (Kato and Kodah), and 9 that are working towards becoming adoptable.  That completes the 15 dogs living on site.
When one is adopted there are, sadly, several waiting for that one open space, and
Tina waits with open arms for the "new kid" to arrive….

Eric Salyer

Mary L. Lamb ~ Principal

Eric Salyer is the grandson of Tina Wilkins' neighbors.  He was just 12 years old when Tina moved in next door to his grandparents, and he was affraid of dogs! Eric slowly began coming over to the kennel to visit, and by the time he was 14 he was over his fear, and able to help with feeding the dogs.

 Today, Eric has the role of Kennel Assistant, and volunteers his time every day, including weekends, to care for the fosters.  With up to 16 fosters at any given time, Eric's role is vital to the kennel. and he is appreciated and loved by all!