Welcome to our Community Outreach Program 

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We are committed to assisting people that just need a little help, because we believe a hand up is not a hand out.
It is always best if your pet can stay where they are loved and familiar, so before you decide that there is no hope, let us offer a hand up!
We can offer guidance, training assistance, or point you in a direction that will help you to keep your pet.

We want a brighter future for ALL animals!
Just contact us, and we will work together to make a better future for you and your pet!

Should you determine that your pet needs to be re-homed, we can also assist you with our
Responsible Re-homing Program below.

Responsible Re-homing Program

Mary L. Lamb ~ Principal

We know that in life, all things can change. You lose your home, your spouse, or your parent. And there is a pet that needs to find a new home…

If you find it impossible to keep a pet, we know how hard that decision can be. But we would like you to be a part of the process, so that you are comfortable with the decision of who your pet will go to, and your pet will remain comfortable with you until that new person/home is found.

If you would like assistance with re-homing your pet, please fill out our application below to apply to have your pet be a part of our responsible re-homing program.

You are responsible for caring for your pet, while we place your pet for adoption.

We will send all applicants directly to you. It is up to you to decide who adopts your pet.

If you would like us to check an applicant’s references, we can assist with that as well.
You must let us know when your pet has found a new home, so we can mark them as adopted!